3D Budget Range

This range of crystals is our budget range, the crystals are AAA+ quality and are in two matched sets and are suitable for either 2D or 3D etching. They can be etched in portrait or landscape layout. 

The 3D photo frame range comes in a set of 3 sizes, the largest is 200 x 170 x 30mm which is ideal for a memorial photo, or a family group, they also make a very big and impressive wedding photo or pet memorial when mounted on a light  base. 

The budget 3D range of rectangle crystals are part of the rectangle set of six sizes, except the budget crystals do not have a presentation box. The crystal is AAA+ quality and are flawless, and also carry our lifetime warranty on the etching.  

Please note: this range does not come in a presentation box but is securely and safely parcelled to ensure a safe delivery.

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