3D Memorial Photos

Remember a loved one forever with a 3D photo in a memorial crystal

To create a crystal memorial, we can use your photos, digital images, poems, scripture and/or any other text of your choosing.

Our memorial designs are carefully laid out to your specifications. We use the best professional graphics tools available to enhance your images before converting to 3D. Backgrounds are removed and image enhancement techniques are employed to create the sharpest and brightest engraving.

The fonts, text size and placement are carefully selected and placed to create a tasteful and artistic memorial of appropriate design to reflect the memory of your lost loved one.

Most of our crystal shapes are suitable for memorials, and don't forget we can etch text into your memorial making it truly 'one of a kind'.

Crystals can be displayed indoors or outside and will never fade in the sun. For indoors complete your memorial with a striking LED light base to really enhance the image.

These memorial crystals are an excellent choice for creating memories for family or friends, and will take pride of place in your home or office for many years to come. 

Our recommendation(s) for a crystal below is based on our most popular selling crystals for this category.  You can select a larger, smaller or different shaped crystal for your photo memorial.   

Click here to see more of our large selection of crystal shapes and sizes.  Have a special photo in mind and want to see a mock-up?  Send your photo to our helpful experts for advice or comment. 

These memorials make a truly heartfelt gift to a bereaved friend


  • 3D Budget Photo Frame - three sizes for anniversaries 3D Budget Photo Frame - three sizes for anniversaries

    3D Photo Frames

     3D Crystal Photo Frames These photo frame crystals have the largest surface area we have in stock, big, bold and beautiful. Suitable for 2D or 3D photos of anything you like, and we can even etch some 3D photos into these crystals. ...

    $155.00 - $244.00
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  • Heart Shaped Crystal Beautiful as a memorial or a family gift

    Heart Shaped Crystal

    The heart shaped crystal (90 x 85 x 25mm) with horizontal base is eye-catching and is perfect for a photo of a special couple, or as a memento of an anniversary or other special event.  The crystal is best for 1 or 2 faces and looks great when...

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  • SALE
    2D Photo Frame with Scalloped Edge

    2D Photo Frame with Scalloped Edge

    The 2D scalloped photo frame can be the centrepiece of any photo collection. This is a top of the range crystal with a beautiful scalloped border that really reflects the light in the room and highlights the image within. The crystal is freestanding when...

    Was: $199.55
    Now: $175.00
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  • New Baby in 3D Budget crystal in landscape Beautiful pet memorial in 3D crystal

    3D Budget Rectangle

    3D Budget priced crystals make a perfect gift at a very reasonable cost. These crystals are big, bold and beautiful, suitable for any family occasion or event. There are two sizes in this range, both are suitable for 3D or 4D photos in portrait or...

    $189.00 - $279.00
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