3D Pet Memorials

Keep your furry-friend's memory alive forever with a 3D Crystal Photo

Time can never erase the memory of a treasured pet. Our 3D photos in crystal provide the perfect way to treasure the memory of your faithful 4-legged friend. Our crystal keepsakes will provide a sparkling and beautiful reminder of the great times you shared together.  

Remember how your pet enriched your life…so capture your darling's spirit with a perfect memento.  

Your pets likeness will never fade, dull or crack, and they will never be forgotten.  Plus, with all our crystal photos, we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee. 

Sometimes losing a pet is more painful than losing a human because in the case of the pet, you were not pretending to love it.” - Amy Sedaris 

Press the Play button or rotate with your mouse to see the 3D effect of the crystal.

Have a special photo in mind and want to see a mock-up?  Send your photo to our helpful experts for advice or comment. 

Remember your pet forever… and capture your favourite memory today.  

“Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened”
- Anatole France


  • Small square photo frame Small square photo frame

    Square 2D Photo Frame

    These are popular photo frames for smaller pictures. The depth of these crystals makes them ideal for 2D etching.  Three sizes available for this range of crystals. The rectangle photo frame crystals are a great choice for logos, text or 2D designs...

    $116.00 - $125.00
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  • 3D Budget Photo Frame - three sizes for anniversaries 3D Budget Photo Frame - three sizes for anniversaries

    3D Photo Frames

     3D Crystal Photo Frames These photo frame crystals have the largest surface area we have in stock, big, bold and beautiful. Suitable for 2D or 3D photos of anything you like, and we can even etch some 3D photos into these crystals. ...

    $155.00 - $244.00
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  • SALE
    2D Photo Frame with Scalloped Edge

    2D Photo Frame with Scalloped Edge

    The 2D scalloped photo frame can be the centrepiece of any photo collection. This is a top of the range crystal with a beautiful scalloped border that really reflects the light in the room and highlights the image within. The crystal is freestanding when...

    Was: $199.55
    Now: $175.00
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  • SALE
    New Baby in 3D Budget crystal in landscape Beautiful pet memorial in 3D crystal

    3D Budget Rectangle

    3D Budget priced crystals make a perfect gift at a very reasonable cost. These crystals are big, bold and beautiful, suitable for any family occasion or event. There are two sizes in this range, both are suitable for 3D or 4D photos in portrait or...

    $175.00 - $279.00
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