4D Crystals

Our flagship service, 4D shows your subject in 360°, like a hologram – the perfect choice for maximum impact. Ideal for a building, car, motorbike, product, logo or object.

The crystals in this category are suitable for 4D laser etching as a minimum depth of crystal is required. Crystals need to be a minimum 50mm deep.  

This is an example of an award etched in 4D.  You can see all four sides of the subject to give a realistic hologram effect which makes it very lifelike.  We need at least four photos of the subject, then we stitch them together to make a 4D points file that we then etch into the middle of the crystal. 


This is a 4D crystal with a music award etched into the center.  You can see all four sides of the award when the crystal is rotated. This type of etching is very special and lifelike. 

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