Etching options

When a photo is sent to us we have three different ways to print the photo inside a crystal, two dimensional (2D), three dimensional (3D) or four dimensional (4D). 

But first our technicians inspect all photos for anything that will not print well, such as a fuzzy or unclear picture. Then we check that the photo will match the shape of the  crystal that has been chosen. Then the photo is enhanced and the background is cropped out, giving the focus of the picture to the subject.
With 2D printing the prepared image is then printed into the crystal. With 3D printing the image is then converted into a 3D image and printed into the 3D crystal.

2D printing is a direct copy of the original photo printed into a crystal in a flat format with no depth of field. The only changes we make to a 2D photo is enhancing the image and usually removing the background to place more emphasis on the subject.

Printing in 2D is our most economic choice as enhancing and printing a photo in 2D is included in the price of our 2D crystals.

Check out our range of crystals suitable for 2D printing here.

 Control the rotation with your mouse. 

3D printing the background of the photo is removed and the photo enhanced, and then, using special proprietary software, the subject of the photo is converted into a 3 dimensional image that we print  in high definition (HD). 

This means when you turn the printed crystal side-on, you can see a depth profile of the subject.

For example, if looking at a face, you can see the facial profile, the length of nose, shape of chin etc. This makes the image very realistic and lifelike. 

Why Choose 3D Laser Engraving?

3D laser engraving is more than just the most innovative way to preserve and display your favorite photos. It brings your memories to life with realistic depth and stunning motion inside a luxury keepsake designed to last for over a lifetime! 

If you’re looking for an amazing gift to wow someone special or a unique way to commemorate a meaningful moment, a custom-engraved crystal from Crystal Photos can turn a treasured photo into 3D art. 

Please note: Not all crystals are suitable for 3D printing, as 3D images can only be printed into crystals with depth to accommodate the depth of the profile. 

Check out our range of crystals suitable for 3D printing here.