Gift Certificates

Delight those you love with the ‘problem’ of choice 

What could be nicer than the creative anticipation of choosing the image you want captured in your Crystal Photo? 

A gift certificate lets someone else have the delightful decision of what they will display in crystal clarity. 

It’s a perfect way to reflect your affection and friendship - a timeless and thoughtful gesture - that never fades, never dulls and never cracks. 

So choose a gift certificate when you want to show you care; and care enough to give the wonderful challenge of choice! 

Solve the headache of what to give, select your gift certificate here


Gift Certificates are easy to redeem 

We email the Certificate to the recipient who will then go to our website, upload their favourite photo. choose their options and checkout with the coupon code on the top of the certificate.  Within a few days the completed crystal will arrive at the door. It couldn't be easier to choose the perfect gift. Certificates are available from $50 - $500.

Any 3D or 4D crystal purchased with a Gift certificate will receive a free matching light base.