3D Rectangle Crystal Blocks

3D Photos in Crystal are spectacular and very lifelike

This range is for engraving 3D crystal photos and are usually given as gifts for family occasions, weddings, memorials, anniversaries and birthdays.

But they are also great corporate gifts for recognition awards, promotional paperweights and event mementos. Detailed 3D product models and corporate logos laser engraved inside of the crystal make elegant customer or employee awards or gifts.

All engraving is done deep inside the crystal block. These crystals can accommodate 3D layered designs where text and image can be engraved at different depths in the crystal. Any photo or text can be engraved into any of our range of 3D crystals.

Our experienced and skilled artists will create beautifully designed layouts from your images and text.

Our lasers create amazingly detailed high definition photos in crystals of anything imaginable. Send your photo for a free evaluation and advice.

These 3D crystal blocks come in a blue satin lined gift box.

Add an optional light base and the interaction of the white LED light with the engraving creates bright and sparkling 3D keepsake that you are proud to give, and the recipient is proud to own and display. 

Our 3D crystals come in many different sizes and shapes to suit any budget.

This is an example of a 3D pet memorial. You can see the 'depth of field' of te subject that makes the photo in the crystal very lifelike.  By adding your text message you can make your memorial really personal and memorable, much more so than any photo. These crystals make a very special gift to someone who has lost a beloved pet.

Have a special photo in mind and want to see a mock-up?  Send your photo to our helpful experts for advice or comment.