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Will my photo look okay in the crystal I have chosen?

A common question our customers ask is "Will my photo look okay in the crystal I have chosen?"

Now you can answer that for yourself.

We have created a 'Try Me' tool so you can upload your photo, resize and position it in a range of popular crystal template shapes such as a keyring, rectangle, square, heart, or premium iceberg. This gives you the opportunity of deciding which crystal shape is best for your photo.

When you upload your photo, it will sit in the centre template. You can use the tools to rotate, maximise or minimise your photo to position and re-size the photo to get the perfect placement. Click to try different template shapes.

When ready, click the Order Now button to confirm the crystal size to fit your photo and budget. Add a message or other options, and note any instructions for our team.

Use your mouse to operate the tools.

Use your mouse to move & resize!