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What is laser etching?

Laser etching, or sub-surface engraving, as it is also known, is a process to engrave a photographic image into the middle of a block of crystal without disturbing the surface of the crystal. Crystal etching is typically used to capture life’s big moments, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, memorials, awards or any of lifes other special events.

The process also lends itself to one-off art pieces, you are limited only by your imagination as to what we can do.

We provide three different methods of laser etching your precious photographic memories into a crystal:

2D: Your photo is laser etched in two dimensions, just like a normal photo. You can use any photo – including old 35mm photos – provided the image is clear.

3D: We take an ordinary 2D photograph, digitally convert the photo image into 3D to show the front and sides of a subject, giving the image a depth of field. This makes the image more lifelike.  This type of etching is ideal for a portrait, groups of people and pets. We also do buildings, objects and company logos using this method.

4D: This is our flagship service, 4D shows your subject in 360°, like a hologram – the perfect choice for maximum impact. Ideal for a building, car, motorbike, product, some logos or objects.

Laser etcxhing your photos is the best way to display and preserve your precious photos as the crystals will last forever, and will not crack or fade as ordinary photos will.  We provide a lifetime warranty on our crystal engraving.

                        Talk to us about the best way to bring your photo to life.