Light Bases

Realy Put Your 3D Photo Crystal on Show with a Light base

Your custom engraved 3D Photo in Crystal is more than just a conversation piece. It’s designed to recreate a special moment in your life in stunning detail. Make your fondest memories stand out in any room by displaying it with an LED light base. 

When you illuminate your unique photo engraving, the result is breathtaking. Our light bases are equipped with bright LEDs that showcase your 3D image, transforming it into an eye-catching masterpiece that shines brilliantly at any time of day or night.

Why Buy Your Base from Crystal Photos NZ?

When you purchase an LED light base from Crystal Photos, you know it’s the perfect match for your customised crystal. Our illuminated stands are designed to complement and enhance each one of our unique shapes. These stylish display pieces add elegance and energy to your personalized engraving.  

Ready to get started?  Then just select a light base below, or visit our Catalogue to choose and customize your 3D Photo Crystal.