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 Preserve your Fondest Memories - Timeless, Touching and True to Life
with a 3D Photo Crystal

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A 3D Photo in crystal is the perfect way to capture your story forever.  

Relive the precious moments that gave you joy, the people you love and loved, your celebrations and achievements with a 3D photo.  

Whatever the celebration or life event - birthday, wedding, memorial, pet or special award - your crystal photo is a lovely reminder of an occasion to remember.  

This high-quality crystal lasts forever, never fades or cracks and sparkles like a diamond.  

As an art piece, as a conversation piece, as a showpiece - a 3D crystal photo reflects a moment to be remembered for life.  

Order your Picture with Presence today - and gift yourself or someone you love with a precious memento that will last a lifetime


Choose from our extensive range of crystals - whether you are looking for a 2D, 3D or 4D format to display your precious photo, we have the solution for you. You simply supply us with your precious photo, and we will converted into a finished crystal design.

2D crystals: Your precious photo will be etched into your chosen crystal and will present with no appearance of depth. 2D crystals are usually 10 – 20 mm deep. 

3D crystals: Your photo will be etched into your chosen crystal, and as part of our process we will create a 3D effect, making your photo come to life. The 3D photo crystal beautifully shows the front and sides of the subject. When selecting your preferred 3D crystal, keep in mind that the minimum depth (front to back) of 25 mm is required, to accommodate the finished 3D image. 

4D crystals: Your photo will be etched into your chosen crystal, and as part of our process we will create a 4D effect, making your photo truly come to life. Our quality 4D Crystal photos will display all four sides of the subject, with the finished look looking so lifelike. When selecting your preferred 4D Crystal, keep in mind that the minimum depth (front to back) must be a similar size to the width of the crystal.
Note: The completed 4D image is made up of several photos "stitched" together, then converted to a points cloud, then using proprietary software, laser etched into a crystal. Please contact us for pricing of your 4D conversion.

Have a special photo in mind and want to see a mock-up?  Go to our "Test Your Photo" page and see what it will look like in the crystal of your choice. Or send your photo to our helpful experts for advice or comment.

We are based in Wellington, and we offer New Zealand the largest range of crystal sizes and shapes. We strive for a quick turnaround of three business days from the receipt of your photo and supply customers New Zealand wide, with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or call on 027 450 1259 

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An example of a 3D pet memorial - rotate the photo with your mouse