About us

Our Story  

The adventure to enable Kiwis to transform a photo into a 2D or 3D image started when Ken Chandler was presented with a crystal photo of himself while on a Rotary-sponsored visit to Beijing, China in 2017.  

He was intrigued by the laser etching technique and technology, and spent six months investigating how to introduce it to New Zealand.  

Since establishing Crystal Photos in 2018, Ken has perfected the laser etching to such an extent that even individual whiskers of a pet can be distinguished. (From a technical perspective, the original laser technology etched to an equivalent of 200 dpi [dots per inch], Crystal Photos has improved this to almost 400 dpi).  

Today Crystal Photos prides itself on being the highest-definition crystal laser etchers in New Zealand, along with having the widest range of crystal sizes.  

The company’s investment in superior 2D, 3D and 4D Crystal Photos is matched by Ken’s emotional attachment to creating ever-lasting sparkling mementos for his clients.  

This includes free advice on the best types of photos to etch, as well as helping to ‘sharpen’ some images through PhotoShop. While some customers are happy to correspond solely through email, Ken also welcomes personal contact through a telephone conversation to keep a client in-the-loop on progress.  

“We live what our clients are experiencing,” says Ken. 




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